Zondag 9 tot 16 maart. De lange historie van deze meerdaagse wielerwedstrijd Parijs-Nice is voor mij aanleiding genoeg om aan de 72e editie enkele woorden toe te ‘dichten’. Acht etappes  zijn voor de ronderenners een mooie graadmeter en een voorbereiding op het klassieke voorjaar. Op koers naar de Zon…

at the threshold of Spring

a new season unfolds

a bell that tolls since early time

an aim is set for the Mediterranean

adrift towards the Sun


cities upon villages traversing

landscapes of variety

silently awaiting

the sound of March

wheels make, rolling on tarmac


one Game, eight chances

a flat appearance in the run

hills to come, unseen by the Sun

to be found miles away, until

reward is given in paradise blue


specialist, all-rounder

being present in this exhibition

going the distance, north to south

the mileage appeals to fitness

an epic ride of utmost intention


through stages of sheer heroism

the eye of the Beholder

is stung by his ancient history

by vision of illuminated fame

riders’ display the making of


the threshold of the Promenade

the end becoming, the declaration

Spring is opened

with a Mediterranean prize

of A Race To The Sun